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DO Direct Output Dissolved Oxygen is a non-toxic, pH neutral, food grade dissolved oxygen plant additive that can be used in all growing mediums and on any crop throughout the life cycle of the plant. 



Oxygen is a vital component of root physiology. Without enough oxygen to complete the respiration process, roots will suffocate. Plants will exhibit a strategy called oxytropism, where roots will avoid growing in oxygen-deprived areas such as water-logged soils, overwatered hydroponic substrates and stagnant nutrient solutions.


Some plants require large amounts of oxygen within the root zone, particularly when growing in the protected, warm conditions provided year-round with indoor gardens. A restricted root zone is limited in how much oxygen it can hold, so it relies heavily on oxygen replenishment. This can be carried out by dissolved oxygen in the nutrient solution.  If roots require more oxygen than what they can get through replenishment, their function begins to slow, particularly the uptake of water and nutrients.


Eventually, a lack of oxygen can cause root-cell death and increase the risk of root diseases such as pythium and other diseases like powdery mildew.


DO can be used with all growing mediums. Soil, soilless, coco, hydroponic or any other growing medium, DO works with them all. DO works on any crop whether food, cannabis, decorative, or tree, DO dissolved oxygen will deliver much needed oxygen to all roots.




Q:   So isn't this the same as Hydrogen Peroxide?

A:  No, DO is nothing like Hydrogen Peroxide. That’s what makes DO so special. DO is the first product to give your plants dissolved oxygen safely. DO is pH balanced and will not burn your plants. DO is just straightforward dissolved oxygen and is simple to use. Our DO is so safe you can drink it straight from the bottle.


Adding hydrogen peroxide is a common practice used by many hydroponic growers but is one that is seriously misunderstood. There are 2 forms of oxygen: O2, the diatomic form which can be absorbed by the plant roots, and O2-, the free radical form which is highly reactive. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) converts to H2O + O2- when added to water. The O2- that is formed is not desirable because it will indiscriminately oxidize or damage healthy living plant cells. Also, although adding hydrogen peroxide to a reservoir will result in an initial boost in dissolved oxygen levels, those gains are short lived.




Q:   I have air stones, can I still use them? 

A:  You can continue using air stones, but it is not necessary.  Air stones increase the amount of atmospheric air brought to the roots, which is only 21% oxygen.  Air stones can also increase the temperature of the water in the system, which in turn reduces the level of oxygen.  DO is easy to use.  Simply add suggested dosages to your feeding formula.


Q:   Will I lose dissolved oxygen when water breaks on the surface?

A:  DO will remain stable and will not lose oxygen levels when water breaks on the surface.


Q:   Can I use DO as a foliar spray?

A:  Yes, you can use DO as a foliar spray to give a direct boost of oxygen nutrients through the leaves. An ailing plant can perk up quite visibly after spraying. As Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times says "foliar spraying or misting plants.. It's like adding an invisible force field around your plants.”


Q:   My plant has nutrient lockout.  Will DO help?

A:  Yes, DO helps roots recover from nutrient lockout and will create and maintain a more balanced environment within the root zone to ensure a healthier, more productive plant.


Q:   Is your product beneficial to treating fungal disease?

A:  DO dissolved oxygen will not harm beneficial bacteria, and will keep your plant healthy and strong. Just like with humans, higher oxygen levels in the body are linked with lower levels of disease. Plants are the same. Higher levels of dissolved oxygen create and keep a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria which helps keep disease away from the plant.


Q:   I have powdery mildew, will DO help?

A:  Yes, spray the solution on the powdery mildew and within a few days, the mildew should be less or gone, depending on the level of infection of the plant.


Q:   How is this product going to increase the number of Trichomes?

A:  Higher uptake of oxygen is what helps create more Trichomes.  Using DO in your feeding solution, as well as using DO as a foliar spray, will increase the quality, fullness and richness of Trichomes on your plant.


For optimal results, use recirculating pump to mix DO with additional base nutrients.


5 mL per gallon of water Cuttings/Clones

10 mL per gallon of water Vegetative

15 mL per gallon of water Flowering

2.5 - 5 mL per gallon of water Foliar


Drain to waste - add at every feeding. Recirculating systems - add every week.

For best results, use suggested amounts.

Do not mix in or with stainless steel.