DO Dissolved Oxygen gives growers true ability to increase the dissolved oxygen levels easily with no negative effects.

Other methods can create more harm than benefit for plants, be complex, or difficult to use.

DO is simple to use and will not alter temperature or pH.




Oxygen is a vital component of root physiology. Without enough oxygen to complete the respiration process, roots will suffocate. Plants will exhibit a strategy called oxytropism, where roots will avoid growing in oxygen-deprived areas such as water-logged soils, overwatered hydroponic substrates and stagnant nutrient solutions.

 Some plants require large amounts of oxygen within the root zone, particularly when growing in the protected, warm conditions provided year-round with indoor gardens. A restricted root zone is limited in how much oxygen it can hold, so it relies heavily on oxygen replenishment. This can be carried out by dissolved oxygen in the nutrient solution.  If roots require more oxygen than what they can get through replenishment, their function begins to slow, particularly the uptake of water and nutrients.

 DO can be used with all growing mediums. Soil, soilless, coco, hydroponic or any other growing medium, DO works with them all. DO works on any crop whether food, cannabis, decorative, or tree, DO dissolved oxygen will deliver much needed oxygen to all roots.


Q:   So isn't this the same as Hydrogen Peroxide?

A:  No. DO Dissolved Oxygen is not hydrogen peroxide. DO is a supersaturated oxygen additive that gives your plants oxygen...safely, without altering pH or temperature. A pH balanced buffer, DO will not burn your plants. In fact, its food grade and so safe you can drink it.


Q:   What growing mediums can it be used in?

A: DO can be used in all mediums (soil, hydroponic, and any other growing medium) and on any crop.  


Q:   Will I lose dissolved oxygen when water breaks on the surface?

A:  DO will remain stable and will not lose oxygen levels when water breaks on the surface.


Q:   Will DO help nutrient lockout?

A:  Yes, DO helps plants recover from nutrient lockout and will create and maintain a more balanced environment within the root zone to ensure a healthier, more productive plant. 


Q:   Will DO help fungal disease?

A:  Yes, DO will not harm beneficial bacteria and will keep your plant vibrant and strong. Higher levels of oxygen create a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria to keep disease away.


Q:   Will DO help to increase the number of trichomes?

A:  Yes! Higher uptake of oxygen, and hence greater nutrient absorption, creates more trichomes. Using DO in your feeding solution will increase the quality, fullness and richness of trichomes on your plant.


For optimal results, use recirculating pump to mix DO with additional base nutrients.

 5 mL per gallon of water Cuttings/Clones

10 mL per gallon of water Vegetative

15 mL per gallon of water Flowering

2.5 - 5 mL per gallon of water Foliar


Drain to waste - add at every feeding. Recirculating systems - add every week.

For best results, use suggested amounts.

Do not mix in or with stainless steel.